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For their third Southern Nevada location our client chose a new development, located about halfway between Las Vegas and the Nevada-California border.  The new development for the Terrible Herbst Oil Company is the world’s largest Chevron station with 96 gas pumps and a 50,000 s.f. convenience store, also designed by RWA.

The White Castle Burger operation is in a food court setting adjacent to the main retail floor area.  Finished with its current and fresh use of white and blue-tiled walls and pops of contrasting bright colors.  As the customers queue up along the service counter, they are able to see digital menus and rotating information. 

As with all three So. Nevada White Castle Burger locations designed by RWA, the customer has a full view of the kitchen preparation and the unique state-of-the-art cooking stations.  There is no doubt many customers “Buy ‘em by the sack”, as encouraged by the large sign in the dining room.

OWNER • Private Client

LOCATION • Jean, Nevada

AREA • 2,450 SF

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