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When you join Richardson Wetzel Architects, you don’t just fill a position with an architectural firm, you assume an integral role on a team of highly skilled, hand-selected individuals who are responsible for creating tomorrow’s skylines. You never just work for us. You do exceptional work with us. So don’t think of it as a career… think of it, rather, as a calling.


We offer a work environment that encourages our team to be energetic, self-driven, creative and passionate. We’re committed to hard work and fostering personal, as well as professional growth.


To provide a consistently high level of quality and creativity, innovation and design services to our clients.

  • We determine needs, wants and desires through a rewarding and beneficial collaborative process; we take pride in producing documents with the least amount of review comments and the quickest review times - translating to direct project savings and expedited construction start dates.

  • Committed to quality and cost control the team monitors progress of design documents and can complete Opinion of Probable Costs at appropriate intervals; communicating cost information allows a “check and balance” of project goals for presentation and discussion.


Richardson Wetzel Architects has no current openings



4300 E. Sunset Road, Suite E-3

Henderson, Nevada  89014

Tel: 702.736.8822

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