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The project is the ground-up, new construction of a 4,500 s.f. convenience store, fuel distribution, and conveyor car wash facility. Located at the corner lot of an emerging business district and adjacent to one of the valley’s primary transportation corridors, this project would be a high visibility location. The site area was also planned to serve as a transition between the commercial and industrial area adjacent to the beltway and the residential areas to the north.  To make the project fit with both uses, RWA designed an entry tower element with a hip roof and used a series of corniced parapets to further define and break down the massing of the other elements of the store.  The colors and materials were carefully selected to meld with the surrounding, existing developments.  The car wash facility is a conveyor system, that pulls the customer's vehicle through the wash facility and across several wash cycle types.  The use of this technology at this site was critical in order to accommodate and enhance convenience to the increased customer traffic of the area.

OWNER • Terrible Herbst

LOCATION • Las Vegas, Nevada

AREA • 4,500 SF

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