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Our commitment to collaboration extends past our internal and consulting team members. RWA provides local support in partnership with outside firms to deliver projects throughout the State of Nevada. Our team leverages local expertise, regulatory understanding and agency relationships to facilitate approvals and help ensure project quality and success.




RWA has served as the Architect of Record for projects of varied sizes. Throughout our years of practice, we have completed more than 800 projects that have been reviewed by the planning and building departments of the City of Las Vegas, Clark County, the City of North Las Vegas, the City of Henderson, and Boulder City. RWA has built a reputation for high quality, fully coordinated construction documents that rarely receive more than a few minor review comments, and often none at all. In addition to our rigorous quality control and attention to detail, we maintain positive teaming relationships built on communication and mutual dedication to project success.  



We are experienced with local boards, commissions, councils, state agencies and building departments and we understand the forms of city, county and state government. Each entity is unique and the RWA team is adept at managing projects from the planning department, to the fire department and through the building department. Our team maintains strong working relationships with agency officials. Our thorough understanding of all applicable codes, as well as the processes and procedures that vary across jurisdictions, streamlines approvals, allowing us to meet even the tightest of schedules.



Construction is the final, and often the most crucial, step in the architectural process. As design elements, materials and details are translated from the page careful attention is required to ensure conformance with the contract documents to maintain design integrity. Our team includes skilled professionals with decades of field experience. Our proactive process centers on early involvement and continual on-site observation. We establish open communication with the construction team and work collectively to identify and address potential areas of concern with minimal impact to the project’s schedule, budget, or character. We represent the client’s best interests and are committed to successful delivery.


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