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Crab N Spice is the result of a remodel to a previous Bok Bok Chicken restaurant. This restaurant, with new kitchen equipment, furniture, finishes, and decorations was to be the ‘flagship’ restaurant and to be used as the corporate example for all future Crab N Spice locations across the Las Vegas Valley.

This restaurant used wood, metal, and brick finishes as well as black, white, and red colors as a dynamic contrast to each other.
The design task was to take a former walk-up counter/open kitchen restaurant and convert it to a sit-down restaurant, where the servers would utilize a pass window system to deliver food directly from the kitchen to the tables. The owner’s opening date created an accelerated schedule which was met on time thanks to the hard work of the design team and general contractor.

OWNER • The 5V Corporation

LOCATION • Restaurant

AREA • 3,375 SF

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